Why Gold Star

Before you begin training as a casino dealer, you should understand your motivations and why Gold Star School has piqued your interest. Are you looking for a part time job to pass the time? A new career path? A way to make a good deal of money very quickly? Are you fascinated with casino life and simply curious to try something new? At Gold Star School of Gaming one of the first questions we’ll ask is where you want the school to take you. If you’re serious about gaming, whether it’s a short term interest or a whole new career track, we can help you succeed.

When you are selecting a school you should begin with a visit. Are the students engaged as they learn? Are there enough instructors to accommodate the class? Ask the staff questions. If it’s a job you’re looking for, ask what kind-of placement you can expect upon graduation. Visit a casino where you want to work and ask one of the bosses where they recommend you go to school. Or visit a casino you don’t want to work at and ask the dealers where they went to school.

We invite you to visit Gold Star School of Gaming and join us for a tour. We’re happy to answer your questions and we will evaluate whether or not you will be a good fit at Gold Star.

The Founding of Gold Star School of Gaming

Written by the Program Director

The gaming industry has been very good to me. My career began in 2003 and led me to work in a variety of high end properties including Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, Rio, Hard Rock, and the M Resort. I never intended to open a dealing school as I assumed the city was saturated with adequate schools. After all, Las Vegas is the dealing capital of the world.

Flash forward to the summer of 2010. I founded a Temp Agency and signed a contract with a prominent Las Vegas casino to staff their party pit. My job was simple: provide the casino with beautiful girls to deal blackjack poolside. Finding beautiful girls in Vegas was not a problem, but to my surprise, finding a school to train them was. I visited every school in the city. My girls needed to learn the basics quickly and effectively, not sit at a six-person blackjack table, waiting an hour and a half just to get the chance to deal for 20 minutes. They needed to learn and practice the basics, build their muscle memory, and be so graceful upon graduating school that no one watching would know they’d never dealt before. I never found such a school, so I trained the girls myself.

Pool season came and went and it was a huge success. Then came a second party pit contract requiring twice as many girls, so I needed the resources of an excellent school more than ever. Building a school is not a job for one person; this task required a team. I hired the best instructors and placement officers in the industry. All had experience, an excellent reputation, and working relationships with prominent casinos in Las Vegas. We poured over procedure manuals from various casinos, reducing dealing into a series of manageable tasks, studied muscle memory, and patterned a way to get excellent results in short order. And in 2011, Gold Star School of Gaming was born.

Stop by and check us out. This school, I assure you, is a school unlike the rest.

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