Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Keeping in tune with the simplicity of learning Carnival Games at a dealer school in Las Vegas, we now come to the game Ultimate Texas Holdem. In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players must make equal bets on the “ante” and “blind.” “Trips” is an optional bonus bet. Each player and the dealer receive two cards. Players compete against the dealer with three potential betting rounds.

The first betting round is pre-flop, after the dealer distributes two cards to all, and players may opt to check or bet either three or four times their “ante” in the “play.”

If a player checks the first betting round, his second chance to bet is on the flop, after three community cards are dealt. In this round, a player may check or bet two times the “ante” in the “play.”

If a player checks the first and second betting round, his final chance to bet is after the remaining two community cards are dealt (called the turn and the river). In this case the player may either fold and lose the “ante” and “blind” or match the bet of the “ante” in the “play.”

Players compete against the dealer and the best hand wins, some bets are paid odds with the pay table on the layout. The dealer needs a pair or better to qualify.

UTH layout Ultimate Texas Holdem