Tournament Vocab

Learning how to deal poker at a dealing school in Las Vegas often involves incorporating a vocabulary of tournament poker lingo into your daily speech at school. Study the list below to get a head start on your fellow classmates.

Add On: An option to buy a certain number of chips, regardless if you’ve lost them all or not.  There is a time limit for add-ons – typically the first hour of the tournament.

Blinds Rise: In the event that blinds rise from, for example, $25 increments to $100 increments, all $25 cheques must be removed from the table.  This is typically done just before a tournament break.  The dealers will convert player’s cheques to $100 increments and draw high cards to dole out $100 cheques to the odd amounts.

Bounty: A prize awarded to the player who knocks out a specified player or group of players.  This is used as a promotion for taking out high profile players.

Bubble: (1) The point at which only one player must bust out before all others win some money. (2) The person finish in that position.

Buy-In : An amount of money you pay to enter a tournament. Often expressed as two numbers, such as $100+9, meaning that it costs $109 to enter the tournament; $100 goes into the prize fund and $9 goes to the house.

Freeze Out: A tournaments that offers no rebuys or add ons.

In the Money: Players who make it to the other side of the bubble and will win money from the tournament.  For example, the tournament pays the top 10 finishers.  When there are 11 players left, everyone is on the bubble.  When there are 10 players left, everyone is in the money.

Rebuy : An option to buy back into a tournament after you’ve lost all your chips. There is typically a time limit for rebuys.

Satellite : A tournament that does not award cash to its winners, but a seat (or seats) in a subsequent “target” tournament.