Pushing Chip Stacks

Perhaps one of the more difficult parts of learning how to deal Roulette is pushing stacks of chips. Students at dealing schools in Vegas typically practice pushing stacks for hours. The cycle is: muck chips, stack chips (collecting them in stacks of 20 simply by feel), then pushing them. On a standard right-handed wheel, most stacks are pushed with the left hand. The only spots where the right hand is used to push stacks to the player closest to the dealer’s left and the player directly across from the dealer, closest to the wheel head.

The following photographs were taken from Scott Cameron’s site dicedealer.com which is no longer in operation. Note that the top of the stacks are visible from overhead, giving surveillance a clear view of the dealer’s movements – the palm never covers the chips.

02stacks Pushing Chip Stacks  03stacks Pushing Chip Stacks
04stacks Pushing Chip Stacks 05 stacks Pushing Chip Stacks
06stacks Pushing Chip Stacks 07stacks Pushing Chip Stacks
08stacks Pushing Chip Stacks 0910stacks Pushing Chip Stacks