Picture Bets

Learn how to deal Roulette at the Las Vegas Dealer School: Gold Star School of Gaming. At Gold Star, we’ll simplify the game for you, including showing you a variety of common Roulette picture bets.

Roulette is a fairly complicated game and when learning how to do deal it students need several tools in their toolbox. Picture bets are one such tool, teaching students to make payouts by visualizing the pictures. The bets below are common combinations made by players. Learn to visualize payouts and it will significantly improve your dealing abilities.


picturebets01 Picture Bets


The picture below shows a few more picture bets. Notice the picture for 100 chips is a combination of four splits and four corners, which is a variation on the picture above showing one split and one corner paying 25 chips. The key for one split and one corner is one of the most valuable pictures for dealers to utilize in the game of Roulette.


picturebets02 Picture Bets