Let It Ride

Let It Ride is one of the easiest games to learn at a Vegas dealing school, as LIR is a simple five card stud poker game, where the player begins with three equal wagers. Each player receives three cards and the dealer receives two face down.

After the player looks at his three cards, he’s given the option to have his first of the three wagers returned or to “let it ride.”

LIR layout Let It Ride

Then the dealer reveals one community card, giving the player the same option to have his second wager returned or to “let it ride.”

Then the player will set down his cards, imprisoning the third bet.

Should the player have a pair of jacks or higher, the dealer will pay the appropriate odds to each of the three remaining bets.

There is also a $1 jackpot side bet, as well as a three card side bet, identical to the “queens up” in Three Card Poker.

While dealing a game of Let It Ride, you will do a lot of bending. If the player requests a bet is returned by giving the proper hand signal, it is the dealer’s responsibility to return the original bet to the player. After the cards are out, a player may not touch his bets as a matter of game protection.

LIR paytable Let It Ride