Dice Probabilities

When learning how to deal Craps at our Las Vegas dealer school, we’ll begin by introducing you to dice probabilities. Understand the basic math and the game will make a lot more sense when learning how to deal it.

The game of Craps is played with two dice, so there are 36 possible combinations on each roll of the dice. (Each die has 6 numbers: 6 combinations on one die times 6 combinations on the other die equals 36.) The chart below shows the probabilities (true odds) for each roll. For instance, there is only one way to roll a two. In order to roll a two, each die has to be a one. The probability is 1/36. See the chart below for all possibilities.

dice probabilities Dice Probabilities

There are three combinations to 4 and six combinations to 7, so if the point is 4, the odds are six to three against the player rolling a point 4 before a 7 out, which simplified is 2:1. The Pass Line pays even money, but Taking or Laying the Odds pays true odds. So in the case of a point 4, the Pass Line pays 1:1 and the Odds pays 2:1.