Blackjack Side Bets

Side bets are additional bets that blackjack players can make while playing a regular game. Sometimes students new to dealing blackjack get confused by these side bets, but they are not difficult. Think of these bets as you would think of candy bars in the checkout isle of a grocery store – they’re meant to lure people into impulsively adding one item to their shopping cart. The good news for you is that side bets have all the information you need to know printed on the layout, making the bet easy to understand.

Lucky Lucky Side Bet
Hand Pays
Suited 7-7-7 200 to 1
Suited 6-7-8 100 to 1
7-7-7 50 to 1
6-7-8 30 to 1
Suited 21 15 to 1
21 Total 3 to 1
20 Total 2 to 1
19 Total 1 to 1
18 or less Loss

Lucky Lucky is one example of a side bet. Lucky Lucky is based on the sum of the player’s two cards and the dealer’s upcard. If the three cards total 19, 20, or 21, the player wins. The exact payouts are listed on the table above, which are also printed on the layout for easy viewing by the dealer.

  • The important thing to know about side bets are as follows:
  • (1) Players must place a wager on the blackjack hand in order to bet on the side bet.
  • (2) Pay attention to minimums and maximums. No matter the bet of the blackjack hand, side bets typically have lower limits – usually $1-25.
  • (3) Receive approval from a supervisor any time you payout 5 to 1 or higher.
  • (4) Unless the side bet has something to do with the final outcome of the player’s hand (which is rare), the side bet should be paid or taken immediately. Proper procedure when paying the bet is to pay then push the entire amount – original wager and payout away from the betting circle and back toward the player. This is a procedural precaution to make sure you do not pay the bet twice.