Baccarat Shuffle

Learning how to be a casino dealer is time consuming, but it is not necessarily a difficult task. Many dealing schools in Las Vegas offer Baccarat as an option and should you choose to learn this game, you will likely find the Baccarat shuffle a very interesting component.

The shuffle in Baccarat is a bit more elaborate than any other game. Dealers complete the house shuffle, offer the player the cut, then remove approximately 30 cards from the top of the deck (some casinos require dealers to take the 30 cards from the back of the deck), fanning them on the layout. A dealer will then use the other cut card to count 14 cards (count in groups of two) from the right, then place the cut card in the cards and place the entire chunk at the back of the deck.

Unlike Blackjack, where a cut card means the dealer will immediately shuffle, in Baccarat, the cut card out of the shoe is an indicator that there are two hands remaining. The dealer will deal two more hands (including the current hand) before breaking the shoe.